United in PRAYER All over the WORLD Mary leads us closer to her SON

The Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL) International Movement originated during at the International Meeting (IM) of the TOL couples (END) in Rome in 1976. Christine d’Amonville, daughter of French couple responsible for International END at the time, decided to organize a parallel event to the END IM; a meeting catered to the sons and daughters of the END married couples. Through collaboration with Fr. Guy Thomazeau, the young adults enjoyed a meeting unique to their special vocation and stage of life: young single adulthood. Having witnessed the many spiritual fruits their parents gained from their involvement, the young adults were hungry for the same faith-sharing and fellowship for themselves. The young adults in attendance decided it was time to have a movement to call their own; for their specific charism.

Our goal is simple: To Seek HOLINESS

The YTOL Movement forms within the Church a worldwide spiritual community, aiming at spiritual formation of its members within a team. The Team, a true ecclesial community; constitutes the basic cell of the YTOL Movement. Thus, the mission of YTOL is to help its members answer the call to holiness: to discover and put into practice all of the dimensions of Christian spirituality, in fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, looking to Mary’s “Yes” as an example.

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